Valparaiso: A truly unique city

"I remember the city as a place of great beauty, bearing rich testimony
to the region's cultural, economic and social history."
- Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO about Valapraiso








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Valpo Magic arranges your individual unique vacation in the middle of this amazing UNESCO world heritage at the pacific coast of beautiful Chile.

Valparaiso Cerro
Valparaiso Hills

There are no hotels or all-inclusive resorts on the "cerros", the hills of Valparaiso. The only way to experience the charm of this incredible place is by living with the locals, the porteños. We offer you this rare opportunity through our many local friends and partners.

From the hills you can not only see the pacific, but the harbor and beaches are within walking range. Right next door is Viña del Mar with its luxurious casino and famous parks.

We are a group of Valparaiso citizens and international expats dedicated to introducing Chiles cultural capital to the world. We will shape your vacation to your individual needs choosing from a large variety of housing and activities outside the usual tourist traps.

Chile is leading the human development index in south america and is the safest country to travel on the continent.

ValpoMagic arranges vacations, appartments, hotels and hostels in Valparaiso, Chile.
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